1. "I also had to learn in taking pictures how to develop a personal vision; how to express my own feelings about it, and in order to do that, I had to get in touch with my own feelings and…through photography, through the discipline of the frame, I learned about the world, it became the way I discovered the world, and it also became the way in which I discovered myself."
    — James Nachtwey (via patrickjoust)

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  2. "If I limit myself to knowledge that I consider true beyond doubt, I minimize the risk of error but I maximize, at the same time, the risk of missing out on what may be the subtlest, most important and most rewarding things in life."
    — E.F. Schumacher
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    PJ | With Pineapple

  5. hannahpaprockiphotography:

    PJ | With Pineapple

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    brenizer method almost feels like shooting film

    thenameistani is pretty awesome.

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    Enjoying beautiful summer mornings at home, my castle, my cozy zone, my favorite place in the world🌸.

    Brooklyn - New York
    July 2014

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    { green and turquoise }

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